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, "dirty wars," follows jeremy scahill to afghanistan, somalia, and yemen as he chases down the hidden truth behind america's expanding covert wars. we will speak with jeremy and the film's director, rick rowley. >> night rates have risen to astronomical levels where there are 1000 raids a month happening. decades after vietnam, one decade into this war, we have gone back to body counts is our only way of measuring any kind of progress in the war. >> broadcasting from the sundance film festival in park city, utah, all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. hundreds of thousands packed into the national mall on monday for president obama's second term inauguration. in an address many saw as a blueprint for a more progressive second term domestic agenda than his first, obama vowed to continue to fight to seek equality for the rights of women and of payment and lesbians. >> our journey is not complete until our wives, mothers and daughters can earn a living equal to their efforts. [applause] our journey is not com
countries, mali and somalia, back to its own country within france itself and it's making preparations to try and ensure that that doesn't hamilton >> and, rory, is french public opinion on the side of these type of operations, whether it be somali or mali? >> well, french public opinion is quite difficult to gauge at the moment because things are moving so fast that the public hasn't really had the chance to express -- express what it thinks about it. the parliament hasn't even hp a chance to discuss what's going on in mali. they will have a chance to do so monday. president hollande has said he thought the mainstream parties here, his sense of what they're doing, he said there is a broad consensus for what france is doing with its military in mali but i think the opinions of the french population in general will develop and will actually see what we think about it as this conflict progresses and if french soldiers start dying in any serious numbers, obviously that will turn public opinion against if -- it. also if france is embroiled in any human rights outrages, that would turn fren
of somalia. secretary of state hillary clinton calls the official recognition a milestone in somalia's fight against islamic extremists. somalia's president was in washington for the announcement. the u.s. had not recognized somalia since 1991 when war lords overthrew the government and a civil war followed. >>> well, first lady michelle obama was in fine form celebrating her 49th birthday. the white house says the president and mrs. obama dined with friends last night at an italian restaurant in washington's upscale georgetown neighborhood. earlier in the day, the first lady debuted her hairdo, featuring new bangs in a twitter picture posted online. we'll see if it's featured during the next several days of inaugural festivities. >>> the preparations and parties for the president's big day are well under way. nbc's traci potts has the details. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. there are going to be a lot of people here in washington. we're expecting between 600,000 and 800,000. while that pales in comparison to the nearly 200 million we saw four years ago. hotels are certainly filling up
, the u.s. has recognized the government of somalia. secretary of state hillary clinton calls the official recognition a milestone in somalia's fight against islamic extremists. somali's president was in washington. the u.s. has not recognized somalia since 1991 when warlords overthrew the government and a civil war followed. >>> first lady michelle obama was in fine form celebrating her 49th birthday. the white house said the president and mrs. obama dined with friends last night at an italian restaurant at washington's upscale georgetown neighborhood. earlier in the day, the first lady debuted her hairdo featuring new bangs in a twitter pic she featured online. we'll see if the new do is there for inauguration day. very cute. >> in fact preparations for the parties and the president's big day is well under way. nbc's tracie potts has details. hi. >> reporter: hi, good morning. it's a lot of work. i want to show you some animation that gives you a virtual look at what people will see and what you're seeing if you're not here televised on monday when president obama for the second time thi
. one of the most prominent pirates in somalia today is stepping down. he is urging others to do the same. plus -- the shrinking water supply in nigeria. >> towards turkey over the last several days, the snow across turkey and men in the locations has been quite substantial. we will get a little bit of a break it, but more precipitation will be coming into play. it's going to be a combination of rain and snow. we are expecting cyprus and turkey with a high temperature of about four degrees. we have a system in the atlantic coming to play which will bring rain across france, the u.k., even the iberian peninsula. we do expect to see a high temperature there of about 10 degrees. to the northern coast about for the up, that same storm in the mediterranean will be making its way towards syria as well. the rain will not be too much of a problem. the high-temperature in benghazi of about 20 degrees. we do expect to see about 18 degrees as the high in cairo. towards tunis partial, a cloudy and 17. we will be seeing some clear skies there and temperatures expected to be about 31 degrees.
on iran and the crisis brewing there. also the crises in syria and somalia. there are tons of places where they realize they have to look out words. >> what about these problems? gun-control, which has thrown itself back onto the agenda with that terrible shooting report christmas. the congressional fight will be tough. >> there is a reason there has been next to no gun reform in almost 20 years. it is so hard to get anything through congress in terms of gun control. really, i think that these executive actions might be the only thing that he can do. >> you think of the great abraham lincoln binding the nation's wounds, nothing to fear but fear itself, jfk, etc., etc.. will he be looking for that sound bite? >> they always do, but it is always the thing that never expect. for example, from jfk was his motto, something he'd turned into for the country. it is not the kind of phrase did you expect come back later. >> think you ever so much. george, back to you in london. >> thank you very much. we have special coverage of the inauguration here, make sure you tune in to our program, which begi
are not terrorists but simply fighters in somalia's civil war. their appearance in a u.s. court offer new evidence about how president obama is quietly continued the controversial practice known as rendition. to talk more about the significance of this case, we're joined by ephraim savitt, a lawyer representing one of the three accused men. and joining us via democracy now that a string, clara gutteridge, a human rights investigator and director of the equal justice forum. talk about the significance of these three men, who they are, ending up in a new york court over the holidays. >> what these cases released show above everything else is rendition is alive and kicking under the obama administration. over the past few years, they have been focusing on targeted killing and the drone program and we in the human-rights heavily forgotten about rendition but what we can see from these cases is the secret detention and rendition are absolutely on going and something we need to focus on. >> who are they? tell us who these three men are. >> i think it is far better for the lawyers to describe the man. to
. >> the u.s. has formally recognized somalia's government after 20 years. somali president said made the announcement alongside secretary of state hillary clinton in washington. >> somalia is part of the commission on the community and part of the world. somali and the united states are a model for democracy of the freedom of people, of the development of the human and this model we are going to pursue as the rest of the world. so the relationship was there in the past. it's now there and today i'm here standing in front of you trying to improve that relationship in the context of the coming realities in somalia, in the region and the country to africa. >> there's been a sharp rise in the number of murders in the mexican capital just in the last few weeks. the government is saying that it's part of normal crime trends but others think drug gangs have begunfighting in the city. >> we are in one of the most violent neighborhoods in mexico city and police are stopping vehicles looking for weapons to see if anybody has contraband. this surge and violence in recent days in mexico city has
to somalia, so somalia to later on some of them even into afghanistan. all these facts have been coming in. i'm not just making them up, until eventually the religious movement in nigeria, northern nigh year ya, became ally to al-qaeda. this now is an admission which the government is reluctant because it reflects the actuality. there you have the volatile cocktail of politics and religion because the weapon, the motivation of the foot soldiers is to create an islamic state in nigeria. it's not something anybody dreams of. there's videos, you know, the usual video, you know, crossing each other, you know, ends on, yes, we want an islamic state. in fact, one of the leaders went so far when the government was in -- political leaders proposing amnesty, and, no, no, we're not going to talk to the president, he's a christian. until he converts, then we're willing to sit down and negotiate with him. every time, oh, please come, talk to us, we will listen now. we don't know what you want. i said, don't be stupid. you said it so often. you know very well what the motivation is. that is the reason for
in pakistan, somalia and yemen are covert cia operations performed without putting american lives on the line. singer: the technology has enabled us to set aside some of the risk factors of sending a pilot in harm's way. so, it's meant that we've conducted a lot more strikes that would have been more problematic if we were using manned systems. narrator: the u.s. claims drones have decimated al qaeda's top leadership while causing limited civilian casualties, but the facts are hard to come by. shuja nawaz: we know fairly well how many strikes are occurring. what we don't know is the details-- who the targets were whether they were actually eliminated, or whether some other people were killed-- because verification is very difficult. narrator: there are no fully reliable counts of civilian deaths, but some critics claim that as many as 30% of those killed in the broader drone wars are civilians and that the strikes turn people against the u.s. and violate international law. after more than ten years of attacks, the u.s. officially acknowledged its use of drones
. still a threat, yemen, somalia, the threat as we speak in mali. >> former state department officials say that the instability in mali and algeria is directly related to the decisi to intervene in libya and overthrow khaddafi, whose african mercenaries fled back home. >> clear that the collapse of the regime was the flame that sparked all this. you could argue it might have happened anyway, but clearly having that influx of heavily armed and well trained fighters going into countries that had existing problems exacerbated those problems. lou: at the end of the bush administration the state department considered mali a success story, a model of democcacy, but the instability that came out of libya and the foreign fighters a return to the region after the zero iraqi war ended has caused a fight against haiti to move down in north africa. lou: thank you. but his national security correspondent. joing us now, the council on foreign relations, fox is contributor. former cia operative and that of the tracking unit michael sawyer. good to have you all with this. let me begin with ou. the leer of
of africa. and we see this manifest ourselves in somalia with al-shabaab, in the maghreb and as playing out now in mali with al-qaeda in the lands of the islamic maghreb and other organizations, shifting a bit further south into nigeria, the existence of focal haram, organizations that are all focused on undermining the gore nance of those countries -- governor nabs of those concern governance of those countries and establishing their own regime of control outside of legitimate government control. while i'm very concerned about each of those individualing entities, al-shabaab, aqim, an starral deem, it is increasingly the coordination, the sin coanyization of efforts of those different organizations that is of concern to me. we're starting to see increasing collaboration, sharing of funding, sharing recruiting efforts, sharing of weapons and explosives and, certainly, a sharing of ideology that is expanding and connecting these various organizations. and i think that's what poses the greatest immediate threat in the nation, and my guess is you'll probably have some questions about activitie
, two people have been killed in the capital city of somalia why. the attacker detonated explosives -- explosives and three died and the president was out of the country at the time of the tack. >>> the u.s. reached an agreement with west african country allowing u.s. personnel to be stationed near the border. this comes in somalia after they were able to retake a city that had been under the control of islamist militants. before they left, they destroyed several sites and burned down a library which contained historic manuscripts. >>> a super pack that support hillary rodham clinton for 2016 for president is now registered with the federal commission. many say they are now ready to run for hillary rodham clinton when she is ready to run. she has already 50,000 followers and she has tee that i had she is even interested in running but poles she is the favored democratic candidate. >>> president barack obama will be pushing his plans for immigration reform. as kyla campbell reports, the president wants sweeping changes, kyla campbell? >> reporter: the president wants lawmakers to mov
the inauguration by al qaeda in somalia. that meant running down leads in kenya, uganda and somalia while looking around here. at the same time looking for suspects on the ground here. that meant working 24/7 for three days. the threat was resolved right around the time the president raised his right hand to be sworn in. it came down to the wire. john miller, cbs news, washington. >>> straight ahead, your monday morning weather. and in sports a championship sunday in the nfl. we'll show you how the harbaugh brothers got their teams to the super bowl. maybe you can be there; maybe you can't. when you have migraines with fifteen or more headache days a month, you miss out on your life. you may have chronic migraine. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast i need all the help i can get. i tell them "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny that last part gets through. [
by an al qaeda affiliate in somalia. and that meant running down leads in kenya, uganda, somalia, and at the same time looking for suspects here on the ground in the united states. it meant working 24/7 for about three days. and the threat was resolved right around the time he was raising his right hand to take the oath. so it came down to the wire. >> pelley: the things we never know. john, thanks very much. cbs news coverage of inauguration day will begin monday at 7:00 a.m. eastern time with a special three-hour edition of cbs "this morning" with charlie rose, norah o'donnell and gayle king and then i'll be along at 10:00 eastern time to continue coverage be bob schieffer and the rest of our inauguration team. we're about to give you a look at how four years in office has changed the president. and is it the end of life as they've always known it? we'll tell you why the catch is vanishing when the "cbs evening news" continues. . yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ vo
house now confirming, u.s. combat aircraft entered somalia's air space, while a european ally conducted a hostage rescue operation that did not go according to plan. we'll have more as we learn it for you tonight. and also, with our hearts still so heavy from the tragedy in newtown, connecticut, new questions facing the people of that community. what to do with the elementary school, where 20 children and six adults were murdered. tonight, the options now being weighed. stay close. ♪ [ male announcer ] don't just reject convention. drown it out. introducing e all-new 2013 lexus ls f sport. an entirely new pursuit. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their fami
meeting with the president of somalia, secretary clinton said the u.s. is ready to help the french. >> we are supporting the french operation in mali with intelligence and airlift. we're working with a half a dozen african countries as we did with respect to somalia over so many years to help them be prepared to send in african troops. >> brown: clinton said u.s. trainers will arrive in the region by this weekend to work with those troops. in addition, the european union approved sending a military training mission to mali during an emergency meeting in brussels. in mali today, french forces encountered stiff resistance from islamic extremists controlling the northern part of the country. the town of banama, just 90 miles from mali's capital, was put on alert and a contingent of roughly one hundred malian soldiers sped there after reported sightings of jihadists in the area. meanwhile the first detachment of troops from a west african regional force arrived to reinforce french and malian troops. a short while ago i spoke with lindsey hilsum of "independent television news." she's at a mil
with the president of somalia. sheikh mohammed. >> now let me say the situation is very fluid. it's in a remote area of al geria near the libyan rder the security of our americans who are held hostage is our highest priority but of course we care deeply about the other algerian and foreign hostages as well. and because of the fluidity and the fact that there is a lot of planning going on, i can to the give you any further details at this time about the current situation on the ground. but i can say thatore broadly what we e seng in mali n algeria reflects the broader strategic challenge, first and foremost for the countries in north africa, and for the united states and the broader international community. >> rose: joining me from washington margaret brennan state department correspondent for cbs news. welcome. >> good to see you, charlie. >> tell me more about the attitude at the state department about alger ya, the link with mali and what might be coming. >> i think it was very intereing to hear hillary clinton there put mali, algeria and al qaeda quickly in that same paragraph. linking those conc
these affiliate's continue to lose key commanders and capabilities as well. in somalia, it is worrying to witness al qaeda's merger with ranks including foreign fighters, some have u.s. passports. at the same time, the focus of launching regional tax, and ultimately, this is a merger between two organizations in decline. in yemen, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula continues to feel the effects of the death last year of its leader of external operations who was response will for planning and directing terrorist attacks against the united states. nevertheless, they continue to be al qaeda's most active affiliate's and continue to seek the opportunity to strike our homeland. we therefore continue to support the government of yemen its efforts against al qaeda which is being forced to fight against the territory it needs to plan a tax beyond yemen. in north and west africa, another al qaeda affiliate continue its efforts to destabilize governments and engaging kidnapping of western citizens for rents and activities designed to fund its terrorist agenda. in nigeria, we are monitoring closely the emerg
successfully in somalia. >> right. what is the smart way to do that? clearly afghanistan became a quagmire. iran became a quagmire. going into countries with boots on the ground -- >> we aren't talking boots on the ground. >> what's a smart way of dealing with al qaeda's amorphous global presence in all its guises. how do you take on that organization in the most efficient, smart way? >> the way to do it is to aim to defeat them, not contain them. you saw what happened when the u.s. first went into afghanistan after 9/11, they were defeated and sent out of the country. in somalia, which is where the first affiliate sort of sprouted in somalia, which is where the first affiliate sort of sprouted up, al shabaab, it was when the u.s. backed an african force and it took five years to push back al shabaab, al qaeda's east africa affiliate, from mogadishu. now there's a president that was elected who is now being held as a success story. mali, the u.s. and the west started to do this several years ago to defeat any al qaeda remnants there, aqim, al qaeda in the islamic maghreb. then i'm told the
, in what's happened in somalia. in the last two years in somalia, a regional african-led force that is predominantly ugandans, kenyans, ooethiopians has successfully invaded and taken it back from al shabaab. al shabaab sounds an awful lot like aqim. they were making a lot of money off of piracy and off of kidnapping and ransom. they had taken control of a lawless country. somalia has been unstable and a source of threat to our country and the region for nearly 20 years. today, much of that is back under control of a newly elected government, newly recognized by the united states. that was accomplished without a single american casualty. >> and lastly, i want to ask you, france has a lot of important areas in that region, specifically pertaining to their uranium, they extract from some of those countries. i know that french special forces have been right in niger. they immediately go to where these rich natural resources exist in these countries that they need. are you worried about this becoming sort of an economic war, kind of like what we saw in iraq for oil, this idea of th
, but they will not get their boots on the ground. >> thanks for that. islamist militants in somalia say they killed the second french soldier in a failed operation by paris to free a kidnapped intelligence officer. >> france says he was killed during the operation. photographs thought to be marking what is a dead body of a soldier were posted on line by ashgabat -- al-shabab. the man was captured in 2009. germany's biggest car maker, volkswagen, sold more cars last year than ever before. the news comes as the detroit auto show opens its doors. >> car makers are pinning their hopes on the global and american markets. >> it it is the show no automaker can afford to miss. all the big players have gathered in detroit with their latest offerings. volkswagen is europe's largest carmaker. it has set itself an ambitious goal, to become the world's number 15 years from now. -- or number one five -- world number one five yeras from -- years from now. >> we have a large growth market. that means we are quite able offset the losses we are seeing in europe at the moment. >> the u.s. is the world's biggest marke
>> >> france sends an more backup as somalia airstrike center if the day. hello, your watching live from our headquarters. also ahead, a cleric in pakistan is given just hours to dissolve parliament. the government targets one of the strongest. understanding the often misunderstood, companies focusing on special talents of those living with gaspers syndrome. france is sending more military personnel, 550 troops on the ground and the flow is speeding up as the intervention intensifies. >> they will not allow them to fall, they wanted to be a quick operation. these transport carriers have been loaded with heavy and sophisticated equipment. they could not prevent the capture, and the government controls on garrison towns. the group that took the area says it is still willing to negotiate. >> we spoke to the mediator telling them we are willing to reach a peaceful solution. the government has nothing to do with what is going on right now. >> france is now on the ground as well as the air. some of the troops will remain, protecting them while others will have further north. one of the la
that that they cannot come soon enough for many. >> in somalia, al-shabab rebels are threatening to kill a french spy they've been holding three years. the rebels are linked to al qaeda from the sale failed attempts by france to rescue the intelligence agent code-named denis allex, has signed his death warrant. people were killed in the rescue attempt four days ago. officials in cuba opposing capital are reporting 51 new cases of cholera. one person has died so far. cuba has been free of the disease for well over 100 years. this latest outbreak is from the same strain found to have been introduced in haiti by nepalese u.n. peacekeepers. that unleashed an epidemic in 2010, killing 8000 people. 2010, killing 8000 people.
term. >> u.s. will help france in a failed rescue attempt in somalia. french forces tried to rescue an intelligence agent being held by islamic extremists. a second french soldier died from gunshot wound from a rescue attempt. a french fighter plan bombed north mali. france said radical groups including al qaeda are trying to extend their power. >>> now here's bill karins. good morning. gold in the west and california. >> on the red carpet and every where else they were chilly. it's cold. 32 in phoenix this morning. you know it's cold every where when they are down to freezing. the jet stream took this big huge dip and loud all the cold canadian air to sink down through the rockies and especially through these calm, clear nights very cold in a few spots. let me show you what we're dealing with. the temperature in the intermountain west is very cold. boise is at 11. cold air spilled into medford. 36 in l.a. at this hour. 27 right now in vegas. some areas have a breeze. others are wind free. the wind chill making itself known. wyoming minus 22. san francisco, you're at 41. the wind is
or somalia don't turn into the safe hachs al qaeda had. outside afghanistan, the obama administration has been hesitant to put more boots on the ground. they will rely on drones. >> predators and reapers are the signature weapon on the war against al qaeda. >> president bush launched the first wave of drone strike, mostly targeting leaders in pakistan. president obama took office and increased the number of targets and expanded the target into yemen why where al qaeda was planning attacks and into lawless somalia. they have been working together in the areas and over the next years, officials want to specifically grow the partnership between intel and special operations forces. >> it is central to our ability to solve our most pressing security challenges. >> perhaps the most pressing is a cyber attack that disrupts services across the states. >> these could be a signer pearl harbor and cause physical destruction and the loss of life. >> it may not be physical destruction, but fiscal. computers crashing and files erased and bank accounts cleaned out. experts say the obama administration n
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 329 (some duplicates have been removed)